Select reasonable adjustments for the workplace

Adjustments in the workplace allow an employee to complete their role to a high standard, enhance productivity and make learning easier. We have collated a list of typical adjustments from which you can select what would help you most. Prepared with this information, you will find it easier to ask for adjustments when starting a new job.

How to use this tool

Many autistic people may not feel confident enough to ask their university or employer for adjustments. However, employers do have a duty to ensure that the needs of their autistic employees are being met, whether it’s around sensory issues or what the job itself actually entails.

The list below will help you consider the reasonable adjustments autistic people and organisations have told us about. Consider each adjustment carefully and select it if you feel it would help you when carrying out your job or when navigating the working environment.

The list of possible reasonable adjustments is based on our own research combined with advice from The Association of Graduate Careers Advisors, Autism Network Scotland, UK National Autistic Society and Bristol Autism Support.


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